Stone-People from Lungterok- Temsula Ao

Poem- Blogpost by Dhanu K. V.

The six stones
Where the progenitors
And forebears
Of the stone-people
Were born
Out of the womb
Of the earth.

The poetic and politic
Barbaric and balladic
Finders of water
Finders of water
And fighters of fire.

The polyglots,
In birds' language
And animal discourse.
The students,
Who learned from ants
The art of carving
Heads of enemies
As trophies
Of war.

The romantics
Who believed
The sun can sulk
The moon can hide
And the stars are not stars
But pure souls
Watching over bereaved hearts

Here below
With their glow.

The potters and weavers
Planters and growers
Hunters and carvers
Singers of songs and takers of heads,
Gentle lovers and savage heroes,
Builders of homes and destroyers of villagers.

The worshippers
Of unknown, unseen
Of trees and forests,
Of stones and rivers,
Believers of soul
And its varied forms,
Its sojourn here
And passage across the water
Into the hereafter.

Savage and sage
Who sprang out of LUNGTEROK,

Was the birth adult when the broke?
Or are the stone-people yet to come of age?

Published by Dhanu K V

Hi, I am Dhanu, 23, student of English Literature. I absolutely love to read books and to work with words. I have interested in doing art and craft. Our blog mainly dreams to make others to learn from Literature. Here, You can collect the reviews and the notes for Literature students. Let's learn and make others to learn. Thanks to join me!

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